Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey Florida! Are You Ready?

I want to take a minute and thank everyone for your support! Thanks a bunch guys! I had no idea how this endeavor would have an effect on my life. Like many of you, I have become passionate about the future of America. The mission to get Mitt Romney in the White House has become more than just a popularity contest for me. Washington is broken and needs fixed. Who better to fix this mess than a man who has spent his life turning around challenging predicaments and crises.........from the Olympics, to countless businesses and also the state of Massachusetts. It feels that everything Mitt touches is changed for the better. I shook his hand and can attest to that =).

We all have the opportunity to change someone on this blog (Renna) once commented: "Mitt Romney doesn't need us, we need Mitt Romney." Getting Mitt Romney elected is something attainable folks.

Please click EVERYTHING FLORIDA on the link list and it will take you to all of the Florida-focused posts on this blog. There are posts showing ways we can be more involved in Mitt's campaign in Florida.

Please email me at and share why you want Mitt Romney to be the next President. I will post them on this blog for the rest of Florida to see. Also, please let me know if you would like to be a blogger--especially on the weekends, I have to deal with a dial-up connection =).

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