Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mr. Fix-it

"Mitt Romney is filthy rich, he's handsome, and he's the first honest-to-god businessman to have a real shot at the White House in 40 years."
"He is, after all, the most serious major-party presidential candidate to come out of the business world since ... well, since his father, George Romney, onetime CEO of American Motors, who ran in 1968. Unlike fellow Republican George W. Bush, Romney, 60, can't be accused of being a political heir with some private-sectorish experience. He's the brilliant strategist-dealmaker who founded Bain Capital and built it into one of the largest private-equity firms in the world - and accumulated a personal fortune of around $400 million in the process. He's the turnaround artist who saved the 2002 Winter Olympics. And, as governor of Massachusetts, he's the policy innovator who pushed through some of the most promising health-care-reform legislation in a generation. "

--Marcia Vickers, Fortune senior writer

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

America's Calling

Man, I wish that I was there.................those darn attendance rules at dental school!

Dear Friends, please contribute to the campaign before June 30th and let's show America that Mitt is the man to beat.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mitt's Money Machine

"He is benefiting from a self-reinforcing cycle: His initial fundraising boom paid for the ads which in turn helped fuel weeks of favorable polling in the closely watched early primary states and led to an enhanced national media profile, leading to more fundraising success. "

We can expect Governor Romney to top his rivals once again at the end of the second quarter. Mitt should easily break the record set by Pres. Bush in 1999.

The Silver State Loves Romney

"(Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Mitt Romney is the most popular United States presidential contender for Republican Party supporters in the Silver State, according to a poll by American Research Group. 23 per cent of respondents would vote for the former Massachusetts governor in the 2008 caucus."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gov. Romney On The Trail With CNN

Brandenton Lunch with Mitt in FL........June 26

Mitt visits the Panhandle for lunch.
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Mitt Travels to St. Petersburg, FL for Reception......June 25

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Tagg Romney in Florida Today

On Wednesday, June 20, Tagg Romney, Governor Mitt Romney's oldest son and a Senior Adviser to the Romney for President campaign, will address the Florida Association of Broadcasters' Annual Convention in Palm Beach, Florida.

2:00 p.m.

Four Seasons Palm Beach Resort – Banyan Room A
2800 South Ocean Boulevard

Palm Beach, Florida
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New Ad......

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mitt Romney and his Family Make the "Decision"

Everybody who wants to get to know Mitt and his family a little better should take time to watch this video. I love this guy.

We Know that Mitt is Pro-Family

Romney Accepts Brownback Apology

-- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he accepted an apology Monday from GOP rival Sam Brownback for an e-mail disparaging his Mormon religion that a campaign aide sent to Iowa GOP leaders.

Brownback, a Kansas senator, made a telephone call to the former Massachusetts governor, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

"He said that religious attacks don't have any place in politics and, of course, we agree on that," Romney said. "I told him that was not a big matter to me. If I can't
stand the heat I shouldn't be in the kitchen."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mitt's Coming to Florida on Monday--June 18th!

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McCain Has Broken Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment......

“Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” It makes it even worse when McCain is lying (conveniently leaving out facts), hypocritical, and disingenuous.

The first link will take you to a post at "Elect Romney in 2008." The second link will take you to a post at "Evangelicals For Mitt".......both are great posts that shed light on this ridiculous situation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When Desperate Johnny Attacks......

Things can get kind of ridiculous.

McCain goes on the offensive.....again--about abortion.........big surprise!

Romney's campaign wasted no time in responding, with spokesman Kevin Madden sending out an e-mail titled "When Faltering Campaigns Attack!" The e-mail claims Romney's 2005 remarks were taken out of context and said circulating the video was "a last-ditch attempt to maintain relevance" by McCain. "Governor Romney consistently maintained, in an effort to protect the sanctity of life, that he would fight attempts to weaken the state's existing abortion laws," Madden said in a statement. "Maintaining existing laws in a state like Massachusetts was an important fight in and of itself." The campaign added, "the McCain campaign's motives are obviously borne of desperation. Their actions are both sad and unfortunate."

Monday, June 11, 2007

An Unconventional Candidate

"If you've ever thought there's a fly-by-the-seat-of-one's-pants feeling to the Giuliani presidential campaign, you are probably right. None of Giuliani's senior staff--campaign manager Mike DuHaime, senior adviser Tony Carbonetti, political director Mark Campbell, and communications director Katie Levinson--has much experience in presidential politics. An aide says Giuliani is playing catch-up, having made a relatively late entry into the race. Compared with the hyperorganized campaign of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Giuliani's is haphazard. Sometimes schedules are handed out just 24 hours before the events in question. Statements from the candidate or senior staff happen on the order of a few a week, not the constant barrage of emails that come from Team Romney."

The picture was created by Josh Ferrin, who happens to be my best friend (even though he's a proud Democrat).

White House 2008 Rankings: The Republicans

"At about the midpoint of the year, a few things are clear -- Fred Thompson will run, John McCain is in trouble, Rudy Giuliani is not invincible and Mitt Romney still has many thresholds to cross."

There's one thing that I didn't like about this article.......Mitt Romney is not a self-funder.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Join the Movement!

Hey! I checked out an extremely innovative internet movement. Check out ULTIMITT and join the "Florida For Mitt" team--this should be fun! (click on the picture). My hat goes off to the founders of ULTIMITT.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Romney Rejects Long-Term Iraq Occupation

"I think we would hope to turn Iraq security over to their own military and
their own security forces, and if presence in the region is important for us than we have other options that are nearby," Romney said.

We have communicated to the people in the region and the country that we're not looking to have a permanent presence in Iraq and I don't think we want to communicate that we were just kidding about that," he said.

Romney noted that the U.S. has bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, and said: "We can have a presence in the region, but I think that at this time we need to exercise care not to communicate to insurgents something that they can use to say 'Ah ha! America does intend to be an occupier forever!'"

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rudy and McCain Messed up Big With Iowa!

Like I said, I am feeling bullish about Romney of late. He leads our polling averages for both New Hampshire and Iowa. If he wins both of those primaries, and finishes at least in second in Nevada, the whole nation will have a week to sit and stew on these developments before Florida. I have been a skeptic, but there is something about his campaign that both the Giuliani and McCain campaigns seem to lack.
--Jay Cost

Romney Leading in New Hampshire........

The debate in New Hampshire impressed a lot of people.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Run Away!!!!!!

I guess it's not good politics to lose in why participate at all?

Debate Winners

Read what The Politico had to say.

Mitt Romney on Immigration Reform

Mitt Romney (The Clear Winner): Speaks About Debate

And the Winner Is............

Gov. Romney Talks To Larry King Post Debate

Romney: Standing Strong For Values

Romney: Enforcing Our Immigration Laws

Romney: Reforming Our Immigration System

Romney: Investing In Energy Independence

Romney: The Three Legged Stool

Romney: Conservative Principles In Health Care

Romney: A Strong America In The World

Monday, June 4, 2007

More on Florida's Endorsements..........

"As Governor Romney campaigns in Florida and across the nation, voters are learning why he is the best choice to lead our nation and the only candidate that can bring strong, new leadership to Washington," said former Lt. Governor Toni Jennings. "With our primary now moved up to January, this impressive team of county leaders will recruit new supporters and volunteers to help secure victory for Governor Romney in Florida."

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stop the Bigotry!

If you surf the net finding opinions and articles about Governor Romney, much of the material you will read is hogwash why Mitt Romney's religion matters in the upcoming election. People will try to be "understanding" and "open-minded" in their long and "tactful" attacks on Romney's faith as they try to "inform" the public of the risks involved in electing a Mormon President.

What risks? That the Mormon religion will win over more converts (if they won't win over you--what are you afraid of)? That people will come to know that Mormons are just regular people too?........What, honestly, is there to fear?

It's interesting that none of these reasons to be wary of a Mormon president has anything to do with politics. Bottom line, people are afraid of what they don't understand. You know, I don't even think we as a nation have to fully understand Mormonism.........we just need to take a good look at Romney the person.

Our nation has made wonderful strides in accepting people of various cultures, races, and religions. For whatever reason, we're still really behind the curve of understanding regarding Mormonism.

Recently, we've heard the outrageous story of the Floridian preacher, Bill Keller, who emailed nearly 3 million Americans saying "that if you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan!" We shouldn't accept this behavior in Florida folks--we have a good reputation of welcoming people with open arms. You know, it wouldn't be so bad if Keller was the only bigot out and the blogosphere is full of bigotry. It's also a challenge to see or read an interview with Romney that religion doesn't come up. Let's not tolerate this anymore! Please help me fight bigotry's ugly--I doubt any of the pictures in this post makes you feel warm and fuzzy.....well, it shouldn't--let's make sure bigotry is not a factor in the upcoming election.

P.S. I want to apologize to Governor Romney for posting this.......he has handled bigotry with ease and grace--he's a classy guy. Perhaps I should do the same, but for now--I'll exercise my freedom of speech.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Politics Stop at the Water's Edge"

Mitt Romney has made it a focus point to unify our fellow conservatives and republicans, the citizen's of our nation as a whole, and also our relationships with our allies. Mitt Romney can help unite us folks....while many don't believe the responsibility of an eloquent and articulate orator is necessarily in a President's job description, the value of having someone who can stir up emotions of pride, unity, and optimism cannot be emphasized enough. It's exactly what our country needs and Mitt is the man to do it. I wonder if President Bush's life would have been any easier these last few years if he delivered his messages the way we have grown to expect from Governor Romney.

Here's what Mitt had to say May 31, 2007:

"Less than six years after 9/11, Washington is as divided and conflicted over foreign policy as it has been at any point in the last 50 years. Senator Arthur Vandenberg once famously declared that 'politics stops at the water's edge'; today, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee declares that our major political parties should carry out two separate foreign policies.

The Senate unanimously confirmed General David Petraeus, who pledged to implement a new strategy, as the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq. Yet just weeks later, the Senate began crafting legislation specifically designed to stop that new strategy. More broadly, lines have been drawn between those labeled 'realists' and those labeled 'neoconservatives.' Yet these terms mean little when even the most committed neoconservative recognizes that any successful policy must be grounded in reality and even the most hardened realist admits that much of the United States' power and influence stems from its values and ideals.

"In the midst of these divisions, the American people – and many others around the world – have increasing doubts about the United States' direction and role in the world. Indeed, it seems that concern about Washington's divisiveness and capability to meet today's challenges is the one thing that unites us all. We need new thinking on foreign policy and an overarching strategy that can unite the United States and its allies – not around a particular political camp or foreign policy school but around a shared understanding of how to meet a new generation of challenges."

Jihad is not an Isolated Issue.........

I’m grateful that our future president recognizes the extent of the threat posed by radical Islam. About a month ago, he was criticized for his stance on Afghanistan and Bin Laden--Mitt’s view that Osama will pay and die isn’t good enough for some (McCain). The fact is—he just recognizes that terrorism is a bigger issue than just one man and one nation. You know, there are literally MILLIONS (6% of the entire Muslim population) who follow radical Islam and pray and plan for the destruction of the United States.

Here’s what Mitt had to say May 31, 2007:

"Many still fail to comprehend the extent of the threat posed by radical Islam, specifically by those extremists who promote violent jihad against the United States and the universal values Americans espouse. Understandably, the nation tends to focus on Afghanistan and Iraq, where American men and women are dying. We think in terms of countries because countries were our enemies in the last century's great conflicts. The congressional debate in Washington has largely, and myopically, focused on whether troops should be redeployed from Iraq to Afghanistan, as if these were isolated issues. Yet the jihad is much broader than any one nation, or even several nations. It is broader than the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, or that between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Radical Islam has one goal: to replace all modern Islamic states with a worldwide caliphate while destroying the United States and converting all nonbelievers, forcibly if necessary, to Islam. This plan sounds irrational, and it is. But it is no more irrational than the policies pursued by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s and Stalin's Soviet Union during the Cold War. And the threat is just as real."

Romney: Best Businessman in America!

More Florida Endorsements.........You'll be Amazed.

All told, the county chairs cover "nearly half" of Florida's 67 counties, according to Romney's campaign.