Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stop the Bigotry!

If you surf the net finding opinions and articles about Governor Romney, much of the material you will read is hogwash why Mitt Romney's religion matters in the upcoming election. People will try to be "understanding" and "open-minded" in their long and "tactful" attacks on Romney's faith as they try to "inform" the public of the risks involved in electing a Mormon President.

What risks? That the Mormon religion will win over more converts (if they won't win over you--what are you afraid of)? That people will come to know that Mormons are just regular people too?........What, honestly, is there to fear?

It's interesting that none of these reasons to be wary of a Mormon president has anything to do with politics. Bottom line, people are afraid of what they don't understand. You know, I don't even think we as a nation have to fully understand Mormonism.........we just need to take a good look at Romney the person.

Our nation has made wonderful strides in accepting people of various cultures, races, and religions. For whatever reason, we're still really behind the curve of understanding regarding Mormonism.

Recently, we've heard the outrageous story of the Floridian preacher, Bill Keller, who emailed nearly 3 million Americans saying "that if you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan!" We shouldn't accept this behavior in Florida folks--we have a good reputation of welcoming people with open arms. You know, it wouldn't be so bad if Keller was the only bigot out and the blogosphere is full of bigotry. It's also a challenge to see or read an interview with Romney that religion doesn't come up. Let's not tolerate this anymore! Please help me fight bigotry's ugly--I doubt any of the pictures in this post makes you feel warm and fuzzy.....well, it shouldn't--let's make sure bigotry is not a factor in the upcoming election.

P.S. I want to apologize to Governor Romney for posting this.......he has handled bigotry with ease and grace--he's a classy guy. Perhaps I should do the same, but for now--I'll exercise my freedom of speech.

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