Friday, April 27, 2007

Mitt Romney--The Fiscal Conservative this Country Needs

Something that Mitt says time and time again is that the strength of America is the people….Democrats would tell you (if they’re honest) that it is the government. We need someone in Washington who isn’t afraid to downsize government, lower taxes, and protect free-market capitalism.

This week, Vin Weber, wrote a good article about how Mitt is the fiscal conservative who can change Washington.

Mitt has my full support in making the Bush tax cuts permanent, abolishing the death tax, allowing middle-class Americans to save money tax-free, and making corporate tax rates more competitive (laced with incentives). He saved the Olympics and turned a $3 billion deficit into a $1 billion surplus in Taxachusetts—I can’t wait for him to get his hands on Washington!

The Democrats' Vote for Surrender is Reckless and Dangerous

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama vote
in support of the pull-out and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney
pounced. "Today, the Democrats in the Senate have joined House Democrats in
sending to the President a bill setting a date for surrender. In their attempt
to micromanage the men and women in our military from Washington, Democrats in Congress have settled on a policy that
demoralizes our troops, emboldens our enemies and jeopardizes the prospects for
success in Iraq. I urge the President to veto this bill and send a strong
message to our troops that we stand with them.
"The policy that the Democrats in Congress have embraced is both reckless and
dangerous. We must also thank those Senators who recorded their support for our
troops and voted against this timeline for withdrawal."--National Ledger, April 26th, 2007.

The above picture is my former unit, the 872nd. I shared a certain kinship with the soldiers in that in particular, my very own brother, who came back from Iraq safe and sound.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Governor Mitt Romney on Hannity and Colmes

For those who are uncertain if it is in your interest to elect a Mormon assured that he is interested in protecting your religious freedom and preventing the government from mingling with religious affairs.
If you watch a few of Mitt's interviews, you will come to realize, as I have, that you can't stump him........why? He's simply more competent than anyone interviewing him.

Sen. Jim DeMint on Gov. Romney

Sen. DeMint is my favorite Romney-endorser. It's interesting that many states are following Mitt's lead regarding healthcare......heck, even the Democrats runnin' for president are utilizing Mitt's ideas--that's great! But let's elect the source of leadership and innovation that is responsible for making healthcare reform more than just an agenda, but a reality.

Gov. Romney on Iraq

The Squirrel Never Had a Chance!

Giddy as a Schoolboy!

Today I received my 5th letter from Romney. The previous ones were generic letters he probably sent out to thousands, but still made me feel important in an odd "I'm contributing" kind of way. This last letter was actually a handwritten message on the back of a family photo. I've only contributed nickels and dimes to his campaign, but what a red-letter day. I imagine he's sent the pictures to people who haven't maxed-out on contributions.........I have to be honest, he'll probably get more money from me (I told my wife I wouldn't spend any more I'll have to sacrifice junkfood for a month or something). Is there another presidential candidate out there who would take the time to do that?
I noticed there's no signature on the above picture. It was created by Josh Ferrin, an up-and-coming illustrator/author, who is also one of my dearest friends.