Saturday, January 19, 2008

Romney on Leno

This is yesterday's news, but I bet some of you missed Romney on Leno and would have liked to see how it went. So here ya' go! If it doesn't work, just click here.


veteranraver said...

Allowing “…all worthy male members of the Church may be ordained to the priesthood without regard for race or color” (June 9, 1978 press release to the Deseret News) is not an apology. Its more like the KKK allowing blacks to put on the white hood.
Mormon scripture backed by 150 years of vicious hate, dehumanizing, toxic statements made by LDS presidents, “profits” and other church leaders CAN NOT BE WITHDRAWN by an over-simplified (as above quoted) statement. The LDS does not show any apologetic attitude or remorse for their contribution to the pain and suffering of Afro-Americans, Native-Americans and other minorities throughout history of the LDS church.

James said...

I have a policy.....I don't like people to delete my comments, so I don't delete other people's. But I have never been so tempted in my life.

For someone who hates racism, you sure are spewing a lot of hate.

Let's get a couple facts straight on Mormons. If you would have spent 10 minutes of objective research, you would have come to the same conclusions:

Racism was a disease that swept the entire nation (Mormons were probably no exception), but there are some things you should know:

Mormons were abolitionists. It was a huge reason it was LEGAL to kill Mormons in Missouri, because Mormons were considered a threat to slavery.

Mormons didn't have any slaves; in fact, Joseph Smith, their founder, set a slave free by selling his horse (in the 1800s this is very significant).

While some churches are responsible for lynching, Mormons are innocent.

While some churches are responsible for segregated congregations, Mormons are innocent. Blacks and Whites have always attended church together.

With all the foul things you said, I hope you hold the other candidates to the same standard. not that you should judge a candidate by what their church did in the 1800s, but how and why was the Southern Baptist church formed anyways? Are you going to vomit hatred on Huckabee's site as well?

James said...

After all the racism and discrimination in America's past, it's refreshing to know that our future is bright. Instead of focusing on what mistakes our ancestors made, let's focus on what we can do to better our society.

I have found, especially here in Florida, that there are good people in every religion and race.

I look forward to the day that people won't see a Mormon, a Woman, or a Black Man when they look at the candidates........but instead, they see a brother, sister, or quite simply....another human being.

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