Monday, January 21, 2008

Mitt Romney Takes Lead in Florida!!!

NEWS FLASH: RASMUSSEN Florida poll to be released: Romney 25, McCain 20, Giuliani 19... Developing...
--Drudge Report



Scott said...

No way!! This is the best news of the political year! Woooo hooo!

I have to admit I'm a bit worried now that all the canidates will go after him at the debate :(

But still it's better to be on top...I hope Romney doesn't go negative and shows maturity the he'll cream them all!!

D.I.T said...

Yeah, being in the front sure does draw attacks from those behind. Mitt is able and qualified and we welcome the great news of leading in the polls.

Anonymous said...

An excellent link found at mymanmitt.

Nice to see someone taking a stance on media coverage!

vb said...

The poles that have Mitt in the lead are never the lead story for even Fox News. They pick up on other ones that show McCain up.