Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mitt Romney Doesn't Need Us--We Need Mitt Romney!

"How anyone can watch and listen to Mitt Romney and not believe that he is the greatest and best hope for our country is truly placing politics over what is best for America.

"He brings to this nation a higher standard of behavior and performance in EVERY category - personal, professional and political. We have allowed our dignity, pride and self respect to be compromised for the few. It is time that we fight to restore them and restore this country to the greatness it so richly deserves.

"Every Floridian needs to spread the word to vote for Mitt Romney - 'go to the mattresses' = 'fight, fight, fight' to help him win Florida - make a contribution - never a greater investment could be made at this moment in history than in a person who can strengthen our economy, our military and our families for now and future generations - that person is beyond a shadow of a doubt - Mitt Romney. Jan 29th is right around the corner - get a bumper sticker on your car, put a sign in your yard, speak proudly and confidently - Mitt Romney does not need us - we need Mitt Romney."

--Renna, a "Florida For Romney" reader.


Anonymous said...

Noah Feldman, a Harvard law professor who studies religion and government, said Romney is the strongest and most qualified candidate, "the perfect candidate for this moment in time" compared to his rivals. He still may not win the GOP nomination. "If he can't win in the primaries, it will be said, and leave it to demographers to say if it's true or not. it will be said it's because of his Mormonism," Feldman said...

So I am wondering, WHY is everyone so out for the Mormons??? Not to sound like a total conspiracy nut, but maybe it is because big religion is BIG money. If Pastors lose people to the Mormon Church, they lose dollars. The Mormons run a "lay ministry". What that means is that none of the leaders have paid positions. Congregations are run by called volunteers without one dollar of pay. There are thousands of Mormons that run one of the most organized and productive churches on the face of the earth today simply for the love of Christ. These people are self-sufficient with jobs of their own ranging from Gov't officials, to doctors to service industry workers who support their own families yet often devote 20+ hours a week to UNPAID positions. What do you think would happen if all of mainstream Christianity adopted such a concept?????

People see someone like Gov. Romney and right away they want to tear him down and discredit his sincerity. He's too perfect. You know what? He IS too perfect. He lives by those principals that he has learned through his upbringing and it shows in every aspect of his life. Are people really skeptical of Romney's sincerity or are they just petrified that they could somehow be asked to live up to the standard The Romney Family sets? The biggest name they can find to throw at him is "Flipper". Ooooh.... that is what you call a politician when you can't find any other flaws. Everyone is crying that they want a leader for change, yet when they see a candidate that is intelligent enough and brave enough to know that our opinions must evolve as we learn, experience and grow they try to demean his character with the crazy name-calling. Do you really want a person leading this, the greatest of all nations, who can't examine every aspect and option, who has never progressed in any of their views since they were 20 years old in fear that someone, someday might say that they "flip-flopped"?? That is one of the most hypocritical views of all.

You want to accuse Romney of dedication issues? Let's look first at his personal life - seems pretty solid on a LOT of levels there... How about his persistence out on this trail? He has been campaigning longer and harder and in circles around any of the other candidates. That is another obvious reason why the other candidates want to take him down. He has upped the expectation here too. He seems to be the only Republican that could handle such physical demands as well! He has done much of this with his own money. I know, you are going to complain about all of his money - well I think I would rather have a person working on our economy that could make that kind of money for themselves than someone of modest income, wouldn't you? It is a very dangerous attitude many Americans often have - successful people are NOT bad people. I looked to successful people as an inspiration, not an enemy. If you can't do exceptionally well for yourself and your own family, how can you be trusted with the futures of every family in our nation?

Another thing that amazes me is when a voter says he wants someone who is a "regular guy" that can "understand" him and his situation. OK, to a point. Sure, really cool guys hang out with action stars like Chuck Norris and play guitar in their garage, BUT "Regular Joe" is absolutely incapable of leading our military, restructuring our government, or repairing our economy. You don't have to want to go pizza with the Romneys, but if you sincerely care about America and your own future you DO have to admit that Mitt is the only one that truly is more than an average man.

Mitt Romney has superior presence, drive, dedication, sincerity, values, ability and intellect to all to of the other candidates. He is the kind of man that our children as well as world leaders can look to with respect. Remember the time when a truly great man could become President of the United States? We need another Eisenhower of Roosevelt. If Romney is not elected because of people’s pettiness and ignorance, it will be a tragic loss for our country.

Mother of 4
Life long DEMOCRAT*
*switching to vote for Mitt

dee said...

how well put! This tis the man this country needs. He has money, but he worked for it, anh shares of his time and talents. He is a loving father and one-woman man. This is what this country was built on, some who is called to serve, but not for bucks, though he has every right to it. I want an inspired capable leader, I don't need him to cut my grass, go bar-hopping, or fix my broken arm, but we do need him to fix this broken government

Anonymous said...

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