Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latest Polls Look Good!

The following is a direct quote from Mike Hackmer, a fellow Mitthead:

"I think the latest polls look very good for Mitt Romney - the latest showing him within striking distance or 5 pts up. I also think there are two or three other factors people need to consider.

1) The economy
"I think the relative decline in the economy over the last few months, recent stock market activity and our ongoing fiscal crisis calls for an executive who has managed tough situations. People are going to want a conservative who will use the opportunity to cut taxes to spur economic growth, reduce spending, and make the right choices. McCain cannot offer that, neither can Huckabee.

2) Republicans only
"The Florida primary is open only to registered Republicans. This will not help McCain. Should Fred Thompson drop out - his endorsement may or may not mean anything. An endorsement of McCain would be seen as a sell-out to hard-core Republicans who backed his campaign. I think Thompson's decline benefits Romney in the long run.

3) Democratic debate
"The Democratic debate showed some intensity that is not likely to die- down soon. Romney has an opportunity to use the negative attacks and anti-Clinton sentiment to his advantage during the debates, politely distinguish his record, and build a more positive image amongst Florida voters."
--Mike Hackmer

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