Saturday, January 26, 2008

Central Floridians for Mitt

Why I support Mitt Romney?

I almost have to ask, "Is there any other viable choice?" I have been following the debates, web sites, etc since they first went up. I thought of what is MOST important to me and my family at this time in our lives.

--Economics.. Mitt is the ONLY candidate on either side with the experience and know-how to fix our economy.
--Immigration.. Mitt is strong, fair and firm (thank you)
--Family Values and Ethics.. Mitt is morally conscious and ethically just, but not a goody two-shoe who puts himself or his personal religion/beliefs on a pedestal.

I am more positive, comfortable and enthusiastic about Mr. Mitt Romney than I have ever been in all my years of voting. I have contributed, bought Mitt gear, and e-mailed EVERYBODY and I have also taken every opportunity to sway those who are undecided or decided wrongly! I tell people every day "Tell me what is most important to you this election, and I will tell you why Mitt Romney is the one for the job!" Thank You, ~Becky

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