Sunday, January 27, 2008

3 Calls From McCain's Campaign.....

......And I like McCain less now then before they called.

Call #1:
This call was from someone in Washington, a volunteer or worker. She was very polite; I told her I was supporting MY MAN MITT and that one of my reasons was because of the economic climate our nation faces and that McCain, only weeks ago, admitted he knows nada about our economy. She said that McCain would surround himself with intelligent people and resources.......fair enough, this was a decent conversation.

Call #2:
This was pre-made "robo-call" with a message from Jack Kemp, you know, Dole's running mate? All I heard for the most part was "blah, blah, blah" until I heard "Senator John McCain is for making the Bush Tax-cuts permanent".....Wha! At first I thought this was a blatant lie--when the heck did McCain say that, after all, he was ONE OF 2 REPUBLICAN SENATORS TO VOTE AGAINST THEM!??? I later found out that McCain has indeed flipped on this issue...geez, and they attack Romney for flip-flopping.....holy pandering Batman!

Call #3:
This was also a "robo-call" from McCain's wife. She went on a huge spiel on how McCain is such a great war hero....that's true, he is a hero, but as a former soldier myself, I don't appreciate the pandering--am I a traitor to the Army for not supporting McCain? The thing that made me most sour was when she emphatically stated, "....MCCAIN NEVER SUPPORTED AMNESTY....." okay, I've officially had enough of this guy! What else should we call a plan for all 12 million illegals to live here for the rest of their lives? Shamnest vs. Amnesty is like the difference between "marriage" and "civil unions"--after all is said and done, they're essentially the same darn thing...........for a man who loves "straight talk", he's rather deceitful lately.

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