Thursday, November 1, 2007

Expect More Conservatives to Flock to Romney

Wow......Thompson's campaign isn't doing all that well and many of his followers feel let down. Thompson hasn't put a lot of energy into this race and he's losing many supporters as a result............this week, conservative Bill Witcherman, is one of them--

From The Brody File:

Mitt Romney's campaign tells The Brody File that Bill Wichterman, who used to do conservative and religious outreach for Fred Thompson's campaign, has joined Team Romney. This is a nice "get." He'll be a part of the Faith and Values steering committee.

..............It's not just the marriage issue. By nabbing Wichterman, it's a sign to inside and outside the beltway social conservative groups that Romney is serious in courting them. Wichterman is very well respected by these groups and he has close contacts at places like Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, etc. When he was on the Hill, he was very active in the Senate's "Value Action Team" meetings where dozens of groups would meet once a week to go over social policy and plot strategy.

.........Mitt Romney continues to make "All the Right Moves."

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