Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Religious Right is Shooting Itself in the Foot....

Hey, I'm a conservative.....always will be, but I'm disappointed in the religious right.

We are know why? There's a Mormon runnin' for President. Yep, three less conservative candidates (Rudy, McCain, and Fred) are ahead of him nationally in the polls. Is it because they're truly our favorites, or is it because our votes are split among Huckabee, Brownback, Fred (kind of), Tancredo, Hunter, Ron Paul (just kidding), and Mitt?

I'd be beatin' the tar out of a dead horse if I said that we are electing a Commander-in-Chief not a Pastor-in-Chief, but apparently it needs to be said again and again. Shouldn't Mitt's policies and values dictate how we should view him politically?

There is a reason why there is "Separation Between Church and State" folks. This is the land of opportunity that welcomes people (legally, of course) from all nations, religions, and races. Not everyone should have to believe the way we do (even God doesn't force us to believe) let's stop the bigotry and trying to impose our religious beliefs on others.

Let's stop being one-issue Republicans........I'm talking about abortion. You know, I'm pro-life and proud.......but those who are pro-choice (but personally pro-life) don't bother me as much as they used to......while they are wrong, God gave us our agency. It's when they say that my tax dollars help fund abortions, I get infuriated (that's why Rudy won't be getting my vote if he passes the primaries). Please, my fellow conservatives, let's stop being so judgmental of a man who has converted to the pro-life stance on abortion. I also tire of "holier-than-thou" conservatives who take pride that they've been pro-life longer than others. What does Huckabee and Brownback give us besides their longer pro-life status?

While I've gone off on separating ourselves from the government, on the same note.....let's NEVER let the government impose their will on us (follow the links to see how Mitt will prevent this):

They will try to take Christ out of our vocabulary (i.e. Christmas)........let's not let them.

They will try to redefine marriage (a RELIGIOUS institution).......let's not let them.

They will try to take away public prayers (even when the prayers are offered by non-government employees)......let's not let them.

They will try to take the parents' role in teaching about the sanctity of procreation (sex ed for 5 year olds).......let's not let them.

They will try to dictate what churches can and can't do......let's not let them.

If you guys can't see that Mitt would be the best person to PROTECT our Religious beliefs and institutions, this post has failed immeasurably.

P.S. The picture offends me too! It was drawn by my best friend (a Dem--can you believe it?) who might have a point. Also, this blog is an unofficial blog (not approved by the Romney campaign).

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