Monday, February 4, 2008

"Falls Short"


Anonymous said...

How can anyone support someone who believes that Joseph Smith dug up some golden tables in the woods in Vermont under the direction of an angel named Moroni, then translated those tables revealing that people from the middle east, the Nephites and Lamanites, came to the Americas and evolved into the Indians, and that "Jesus" appeared to the Nephite leader, Mormon, (how can anyone support someone who believes these things) be seriously considered for the Presidency of the United States? If you don't know the Mormon story, you'd better learn it before you make a severely serious mistake by supporting someone who is not a rational thinker and by most definitions should be considered insane or moronic.

James said...

The same way someone could believe that Moses split the Red Sea, or that Noah built the ark, or that Johan was swallowed by a sea creature..........

By the way, get your facts straight. Joseph was in Palmyra New York, Jesus didn't appear to Mormon........Mormon lived hundreds of years afterwards. It just shows me you haven't done that research you're requesting others to do =)

Josh said...

Goodcitizen, I'll avoid the tempation to make fun of you outright but I will say this.

If you're going to be belligerent, which you have every right to be, at least be educated about it!

If McCain is the man you want, he is all yours!

Now excuse me. I have to go sacrifice some pigeons.

Anonymous said...

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