Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's Mitt Up to in Florida?

Orlando FL:
"Mitt Romney told Florida voters yesterday that he will use his business experience to fix the ailing economy, while his campaign targeted appeals to Hispanics and Jews, key constituencies in the state's fragmented electorate."

"'What I'm worried about is people who are at the edge and who wonder, 'Can they put meals on the table for their kids' and 'Will they have good health insurance for their kids and themselves' and 'Will they be able to keep a job,' ' he told 70 employees of Gate Petroleum in Jacksonville. 'Those are the folks you really worry about when you see a recession.'

"Romney also launched his first Spanish-language television advertisement, a spot running in the Miami area that features his son, Craig, who became fluent in Spanish while working as a missionary in Chile. (see 'Mi Padre' below)."

--Boston Globe

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