Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Words Before the Florida Primary Elections

I've had a good day! I've spent the afternoon calling fellow Floridians sharing my excitement about the Romney message.........they were, for the most part, pretty receptive. The polls are not wrong folks, this is going to be a very close election................EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

You know, I've been running this blog since May of last year and it's hard to believe the 29th is only a couple of hours away.......sheesh! I'm hoping that this blog, in whatever way, has helped Mitt in Florida. America needs this man in the White House!

Here's some things that have become very evident after nearly 500 posts about our future President:

--No one measures up to Mitt's history of success. We're talking about a man who made a living out of turning struggling companies into giant successes--does Domino's Pizza and Staples ring a bell to anyone? We're talking about a man who took over a scandal-plagued Winter Olympics, 200 million dollar deficit included, and turned it around into the huge success it was. Finally, we're talking about a man who transformed a 3 billion dollar debt in Massachusetts into a 2 billion dollar surplus.

--My friends, the flip-flop label is a farce . I have concluded that Mitt is a consistent conservative but slandered constantly by distorted media. It is true that he is a convert to the pro-life movement....other than that, good luck finding a legitimate shift in policy or beliefs.

--Mitt is other campaigns make up lies about Mitt, Mitt has stuck to the facts. It's not his fault that McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts, supported "Shamnesty", and impinged free speech with McCain-Feingold. It's not his fault that Huckabee wanted to give special tuition breaks to illegal immigrants, granted clemency to over a thousand criminals, and raised taxes 40% in his state. McCain and Huckabee, on the other hand, have lied numerous times, saying that Mitt wants a timetable for troops in Iraq, that he's not for the Bush tax cuts, and that he raised taxes in Massachusetts as governor.

--Mitt is the most conservative......more than any other candidate left, Mitt exemplifies the Reagan coalition that includes fiscal, social, and foreign-policy conservatives. Contrast that with Huckabee and McCain who say that era of conservatism is dead.

This is my last post before the elections--I'll be busy volunteering tomorrow. I just wanted you guys to hear my thoughts before the big day.

Thanks for taking time to read this blog, it's made all of my effort worth it!


Scott said...

Thanks for all your hard work! Here's to FL today giving Mitt the nomination!!! wooo hoooo

By the way, how did your calls go yesterday? What were the trends?
Did you get anyone saying they'd been called multiple times by the Romney campaign? I heard someone say she had been called 33 times last week :( Just curious, anyways thanks for all your work and good luck to Mitt!

D.I.T said...

You are a great american! Thanks for all you do and we all support Mitt! Go Mitt!1

Mike said...

Unfortunately I just ran into the blog today.

For me, the road to conservatism was a long one, but I finally arrived. This morning, in Orange County precinct 429 I proudly cast my first vote as a conservative, and my first vote as a Republican for Mitt Romney.

FWIW, my fiancée was weakly in the McCain camp, until the so-called "straight-talk express" ran into the brick wall of lies regarding Mitt's stance on Iraq, and she also voted for Mitt!

Scott said...

Great info Mike! Good to hear you and your fiancee are on board :)

Today is going to be a thriller. Go Mitt!

Mom23QTs said...

It's been great to find such a fantastic blog about our man Mitt. This morning on my way to work, I too voted my first time as a conservative Republican, Flagler County, Precinct 33. I blogged about my thoughts and experience this morning and hope some might get a chance to read it. Good Luck to Mitt today and God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

6:30 PM: a radio show out of Boston asserts than an inside source says, based on exit polls, it's too close to call between Romney and McCain. Not very helpful except that this will be close. Come on Mitt!