Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Crying Allowed!!!

We lost, but it's not the end! Who would have thought 4 weeks ago that Mitt could get over 30% of the vote here?

Mitt has come a long way--fortunately for America, there's still 43 states left!

Thank you to everyone who made phone calls, placed signs, worked hard, and voted for Governor Romney. Romney will need your help again in November! Also, even though you've already voted, there's so much you can do to help Mitt Romney in the other states! Join Team Mitt today by going to mittromney.com!

One thing Florida has established is that this is a two man race between McCain and Romney--Rudy is dropping out!

We can expect endorsements and support coming out of the woodwork for Mitt as he is the last conservative standing! Huck will stay in the race to screw with Romney, but Mike has become insignificant. Rudy will endorse McCain, but let's face it, that's not going to win McCain a lot of conservatives.

Conservatives unite! We can still help Romney get the nomination! Hey all you Fredheads, welcome aboard!

P.S. Feel free to call Governor Crist's office to let him know how he made a mistake by endorsing McCain a couple of days before the election.......... that re-election won't be so easy. Feel free to dislike McCain for lying about Romney's record this last week.


Sallie said...

Thanks for your uplifiting commentary. I was very disappointed that Romney lost, but at the same time enjoyed the fact that it was so close.

I wish more people could see that Romney is essential for our future.

Scott said...

Time to fight on. Hopefully conservatism prevails on 2/5!

Anonymous said...

Way to fight the good fight - don't forget Maine is Feb. 1, and Mitt is leading in Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah...others? What's the word?

Kris said...

I am very disappointed in Romney's close second. As Floridians, we MUST ALWAYS remember the endorsements of both Governor Crist and Senator Mel Martinez. As a loyal Republican, I can honestly say that neither will EVER earn my vote agin. Pathetic for our state!

Renna said...

I have emailed Gov Crist about his McCain endorsement. Please remember that Mel Martinez, Rick Keller and Lou Frey also endorsed him here in Central Florida along with Rich Crotty. I met the candidate who is running against Rick Keller today - Bob Hering. I was very impressed and encourage all Central Floridians to vote for him. He is a true conservative, businessman, family man, 20 veteran - Col in the Marines - 2 tours in Iraq. We have a great opportunity to eliminate at least one of the phony "conservatives" we elected - Rick Keller. There is an effort ongoing to impeach Mel Martinez - check it out - google search - not sure of the site. All conservatives who have supported these politicians need to work for their replacement next election cycle.

CrittersParents said...

OK Folks Its Time for Less Crying & More Trying. Heres what we need to do to counter the Boost McCain will get from Florida & Rudy's dropping out. Please take not only the time to read this but to actually take the actions to get involved.

Hi Folks, Time to get the Grassroots growing!!

1st - Have you educated yourself on Mitt visit Mitts site https://www.mittromney.com/
get on baord, get the campaign alerts! If you can Afford to make a donation twoards Mitts Campaign please give the campaign a boost.
Also check out the Blogs like ULTIMITT, PlanetRomney and CoMITTedtoRomney and get the latest on whats going on. (I am posting as Hooligan over there as well, so feel free to say Hi, if your on the boards!)

2nd - Have you talked to your friends & family about Mitt? I have been handing the following out, & sending this as a link its Very Informative for those that do not know much about Mitt.

Also try to get together with friends for the Debates, Mitt Hit the ball out of the Park on the last Debate on Economy Issues… No-one is Stronger than Mitt on either ticket for “08″ a point you can use for any Democrat friends you may have. Mitt is the Man to fix D.C. and get our economy back on track!!

3rd - Have you put a Mitt “08″ yard sign out yet? its Free advertising for the campaign!! Get the word out that Mitt has support in PA (for a challenge get other folks to get them out there as well!) http://www.romneyshop.com/

4th- have you put a bumper sticker for Mitt on you vehicle yet? Again Free advertising for the campaign!! let that bored driver in traffic behind you see where your support is. http://www.romneyshop.com/

5th Get yourself into some Mitt Gear , wear it when your out and about shopping, at your kids sporting events etc. This gets you into conversations where you can win over further support for Mitt! http://www.romneyshop.com/

6th - Bring other folks by the site here lets use it as a springboard!! Let get some bounce here for Mitt!!


We Need to get active NOW (it took me 5 days regular shipping to get my gear so do not procrastinate if you want your stuff before Super Tuesday)

I for one do not want to see our party go in a liberal / moderate direction the time is now to step it up my friends so lets give Mittt's Campaign a "Surge" of ground support and lets get it going now!!

If you have any other ideas, or comments please feel free to visit or submit comments at

Thanks a lot!!!

Wild Thing said...

I am so disappointed in Florida, I wish people realized how Mitt is much better for our President. I called Crist's office and also let them know how I felt. Thanks for a great blog for Mitt Romney. I live in Florida and I am glad you have a Florida blog for Mitt. Thank you.

Mom23QTs said...

Mitt was brilliant as usual in the debate last night! Hoping Super Tuesday voters will take that into account! I'll be GLUED to the T.V. on Tuesday! Don't dispair Mitt voters!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it because it hurts too many people but if the general public is so stupid and uneducated as to vote for McCain or Clinton, they deserve what they get.

However, I believe Romney can provide some direction to teh American people. We have been floundering for far too long and need to get back on track to being #1.

As a Cuban-born American citizen, I am ashamed of my fellow CUbans who support McCain.

We need a leader with a real understanding of what makes this country tick. Romney has the business knowledge & experience we need in a fair/just leader.

I am praying for Romney to beat his opponents to teh Whiet House.

Anonymous said...

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