Friday, January 11, 2008

Mitt Romney......Michigan's, and America's, Candidate of Hope

Does anyone else notice that Mitt is the only economic/fiscal conservative in the race?

It was the theme behind the newspaper endorsements (Grand Rapids and Oakland County) and every televised interview Mitt had this morning (MSNBC, CNN, FOX). I'm grateful that Mitt has avoided McCain's defeatist strategy cloaked under "straight-talk". Mitt won't give up, he won't throw in the towel, and he doesn't predict doom and gloom for Michigan's one-state recession!

His desire and promise to give incentives to businesses and corporations, his promise to reduce government regulations and mandates that inhibit job growth, and finally his promise to invest in innovation and technology has got to feel like a message of hope for the people of Michigan. This is how Michigan is won folks......the fact that the temporary "frontrunner" there is a man (McCain) who has given up on many Michigan jobs, should surely knock McCain out of contention.

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