Friday, January 18, 2008

Mitt Romney in Nevada Before Caucus—Jan 17th 2008

I wasn’t able to embed these videos but click the following links to watch them:

Part 1

Update: I was able to embed Part 2--watch it below!


Renna said...

How anyone can watch and listen to Mitt Romney and not believe that he is the greatest and best hope for our country is truly placing politics over what is best for America.

He brings to this nation a higher standard of behavior and performance in EVERY category - personal, professional and political. We have allowed our dignity, pride and self respect to be compromised for the few. It is time that we fight to restore them and restore this country to the greatness it so richly deserves.

Every Floridian needs to spread the word to vote for Mitt Romney - "go to the mattresses" = "fight, fight, fight" to help him win Florida - make a contribution - never a greater investment could be made at this moment in history than in a person who can strengthen our economy, our military and our families for now and future generations - that person is beyond a shadow of a doubt - Mitt Romney. Jan 29th is right around the corner - get a bumper sticker on your car, put a sign in your yard, speak proudly and confidently - Mitt Romney does not need us - we need Mitt Romney.

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