Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mike Huckabee: Proud of his Record

Good for a laugh........


Anonymous said...

How about those $50 abortions as part of Mitt's Universal Health Care plan.

Or that
$5 million for a Planned Parenthood clinic
that Mitt "did not know about"?

That is a record to be proud of as well.

James said...

Well, I see where your allegiance lies--with good ole "positive campaigning" Huckabee.

Mitt does not run away from his record, unlike an "honest" pastor I know.

James said...

P.S. Whether you like it or not, abortion is still legal in this country. It is only natural that a FREE MARKET healthcare system includes even the worst aspects of healthcare.

James said...

Just read about the Planned Parenthood ordeals. Mitt did not approve that. Also, could the Boston Globe be the very same newspaper that sent reporters all the way to Guatemala to interview illegals who were hired by the company Mitt used for lawncare? Talk about a paper out to get someone.