Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCain Attacks......Romney Fights Back!

Erin McPike:

"Romney responded to McCain's attacks today that he's a manager rather than a leader with a counterpunch of his own.

"After opening his remarks at a rally here, he said, 'I guess Sen. McCain didn't think as positively of that debate last night as I did, and so he's had to come back and flail a bit, trying to attack my record.

"Romney ticked off the lines on his resume that he believes qualify him to take charge of national economic troubles (like his business background, gubernatorial experience, and Olympics leadership), he gave a proverbial raise of the eyebrows to McCain.

"Romney said McCain thinks 'being on the Commerce Committee in the Senate, that's what gives you the expertise you need to know about how the economy works.' He added sarcastically, 'Yeah, oh yeah,' before citing several of McCain's quotes in the last several years in which the Arizona senator acknowledges his weakness in economic matters."

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