Thursday, January 17, 2008

Las Vegas Newspaper Endorses Our Man Mitt

Las Vegas Review-Journal (click to read entire article)

"........the viable candidate most likely to lead Republicans in such a direction is Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.

"Mr. Romney's economic agenda includes several pro-growth policies, including a plan to eliminate taxes on capital gains, interest and dividends for any household earning less than $200,000 a year. He backs a line-item veto, favors making the Bush tax cuts permanent and understands that imposing higher taxes as a means of fixing Social Security will only make the problem worse.

"He's supportive of free trade, rejects protectionism, backs tort reform, supports school choice and accountability, and while governor was even able to successfully push a handful of spending reforms through Massachusetts' overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. Mr. Romney vows to exercise his veto power if Congress doesn't embrace spending restraint and understands the drag that excessive federal regulation imposes on the innovation and the economy.

"Mr. Romney did push a measure to ensure universal health insurance in Massachusetts, but says as president he'd offer incentives for states to experiment with their own solutions, rather than embrace a top-down, national single-payer system. He also understands that a sensible energy policy will require developing more of America's domestic resources.

"Mr. Romney has extensive experience in the private sector, which is unusual for far too many politicians. Before becoming governor of Massachusetts, he was the president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee. He is a former vice president and CEO of Bain & Company Inc., a Boston management consulting firm, and also a founder of Bain Capital, a private equity firm."


Anonymous said...

Of course Romney supported the Bush tax cuts! He is in the tiny percentage of Americans to receive the benefits from them. People in that tax bracket don't need the tax break because the are already highly insensitive to economic fluctuations. The middle class are the most sensitive to economic fluctuations and they drive our economy. In order to keep the economy from going under, we need to help the middle class, not the upper class. Additionally, one of the major economic issues of our time is the major imbalance between CEO's salaries and the average worker's salaries. CEO's make over 300 times the amount of the average employee. As a former CEO, how will Romney work to address this problem? He made his millions by promoting this imbalance and driving out middle class jobs.

James said...

Time Out! When you say the people who provide jobs, benefits, salaries, products, and keep the Amerian dollar strong are not helping the middle class, you are a Democrat my friend. Besides, to say the Bush tax cuts are only for the rich to begin with is misguided and utter nonsense.

Democrat philosophy: Bring down the rich to bring up the poor. This puts a cap on our nation's economic growth.

Republican philosphy: Bring up the upper/middle class to take the rest of the country with them. If you can't see how this provides jobs and allows people to move up the ladder for their own successes, you are a lost cause.

If you don't like the Republican philosophy, fine........but let's compare Republicans with Republicans right now. McCain doesn't like Bush tax cuts.........pretty liberal of him if you ask me.

D.I.T said...

Have you paid attention that when Mitt Romney talks about tax cuts he mentions the "middle class". Mitt Romney has taken great care to identify specifically what tax bracket he wishes to assist with tax cuts. With regards to CEO. The great thing about America is that anyone who aspires to become a CEO and works towards that having proving himself qualified is able to become a CEO. Most of us just don't want all the baggage, stress and hard work that comes along with it. Mitt Romney received a BA from BYU, a MBA and Law Degree from Harvard. Mitt Romney has been successful time and time again and to discredit him because of his financial success is disgraceful. Our great nation deserves a great leader who knows the economy, understands leadership and has a history of success.

Anonymous said...

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