Monday, January 28, 2008

James isn't Bloggin' Right Now, He's Too Busy Callin' Folks!

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James Phillips said...

I just got done making phone calls for Mitt. One of my fellow callers in the call center spoke with a woman who had received a call from the McCain campaign earlier in the day. When the woman indicated she would be supporting Romney, the McCain campaign caller asked if she would still support Romney if she knew that Romney had voted against the Bush tax cuts.

Funny, I didn't know that governors could vote on federal tax legislation?

The straight talk just gets more and more crooked.

A woman I talked to asked if it was true that Romney engineered taxpayer-supported abortions underneath the his health care plan. I gave her the correct information. I don't know who was the source of that fallacy, but McCain did send out a mailer with that info on it in South Carolina, so I doubt we'd have to look far.