Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"If You Denigrate Mormons, You're Hip"

Better Duck--If You're a Mormon (click to read entire article)

"I missed the memo that said it's A-OK to make disparaging and often erroneous statements about Mormons.

"Apparently, they are fair game.

"Sure, these are hypersensitive times, when name-calling or perceived bias against any group will get you the Don Imus treatment, but you get a free shot with Mormons. You can say what you want about them with impunity.

"If you denigrate a racial group, you're racist.

"If you denigrate women, you're sexist.

"If you denigrate Mormons, you're hip.

"No one would openly suggest that you shouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton because a woman can't lead the country, especially an ornery one.

"Nobody would dare say that you shouldn't vote for Barack Hussein Obama because he's black, or of Muslim descent, or because he has a name that sounds like a terrorist. One Clinton worker even apologized for alluding to Obama's use of drugs as a youth, so apparently it's wrong to disparage former drug users, too.

"But nobody is shy about saying you shouldn't vote for Romney simply because he's a Mormon. It doesn't even register on the PC-O-Meter."

--Doug Robinson


Anonymous said...

If you allow $50 abortions as part of your Universal Health Care plan...

Or you allowed
$5 million for a Planned Parenthood clinic
that you "did not know about"...

Then you are denigrating unborn children.

James said...

Uhh........so, just curious--is it okay to denigrate Mormons then?

I'm glad you feel passionately about abortion though.........so do I. I've heard Mitt's defense on this issue--you can either take it as a sincere conversion or not. Frankly, I don't care what you think, but I hope you're equally critical of yourself when you change an opinion or position. My guess is you won't.

Anonymous said...

As the 2008 elections are upon us, many people are discussing the various candidates' records and statements. I encourage you all to be informed voters about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by visiting the following site:


I hope that you will all make a well-researched voting decision.

James said...

Yeah, I recommend to anyone
"trueromney.com".......it's not misleading, slanderous, or distorted in the slightest (heavy sarcasm implied).

If you take that site as truth...I'm not sure you'd make an educated vote in the elections anyways.

James said...

This is interesting......people are using my post on Mormon denigration and all they can say or do is point people to misguided information.

Here's a response I want from a Huckabee supporter: "It's a shame that Mormons are treated as 2nd-rate citizens". Not likely to happen--they are thrilled that they can use religion in this race.

D.I.T said...

I find this year of politics very interesting. Within presidential hopefuls we have a women, an African American, an evangelist and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (nickname Mormon). Of all the aforementioned being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is mentioned in the negative most often in the media than any other. Why? Why is it that anti-mormon speeches are being given from the pulpits of churches at this time or at any other? May our nation rise above slander, and prejudice in all forms ---

Kim said...

Thanks James, for bringing out this point. It is truly despicable. I have read several main-stream blogs who have comments from readers that say such things as "Mormons should be put to death. Death to all infidels." Obviously written by a so-called Christian. It says much about our country. It says that we are no further along in getting rid of bigotry than we were 200 years ago. Very sad indeed....