Friday, January 18, 2008

Huck's Lucrative Talent

Huck's Hoax:

".....Who knew a candidate of Christian identity politics would be afforded such respect? But Huckabee has managed it, which is one reason why he should open a strategic-communications firm the day after he leaves the presidential race. The ability to gull analysts into making so much from so little is a rare and potentially lucrative talent."

--Rich Lowry


Coach said...

My favorite part:

"Huckabee is a kinder and gentler Pat Robertson. His twinkle-in-the-eye and skill as a performer make him an upgrade over previous Christian conservative candidates, but don't give the average voter any reason to vote for him. His campaign has specialized in sanctimony layered on top of disingenuousness, low demagoguery and policy incoherence."

bethtopaz said...

I despise Huckabee.

He is hurting the Evangelical Christian part of the GOP more than anyone knows right now.

If he was a good man, an ethical man, an honest man and a true conservative who respected the Constitution and the separation of Church and State, it would be different, but he is none of those things -- and worse, he is an active Baptist minister preaching in churches, accepting money and exploiting naive, gullible Christians willingness to believe that he is God's choice.

He's even autographing Bibles now. The man has a Christ complex and is very dangerous.