Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey Floridians! Do You Want to be More Involved?

Many of you are getting excited about the chance to vote in Florida on January 29th. Yikes, that's only a couple of weeks away! Also, many of you want to help Mitt get elected, but maybe aren't sure how to go about doing that. Here's some ideas:

--JOIN TEAM MITT! (by clicking here) It's free, you'll stay informed about upcoming events, and you'll be given opportunities to help the campaign. Here's some of the things you can sign up for as you apply for Team Mitt:

(Click picture to enlarge)
--You can make telephone calls for Mitt's easy! Just email "Count me in!" to

--Get a bumper sticker or mitt merchandise by clicking here!

--Have you told your friends how you feel? Why don't you email them?

--Contribute $ to the campaign by clicking here!

--Please email me your thoughts about why you support Mitt Romney. I will collect them, and post them on this blog when all of the attention is on Florida. Email me at

Thanks for your help guys! Together, we can get America back on track!

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