Monday, January 7, 2008

Mitt Romney: Great Debate Performance

Mitt Romney “hit a home run” with his performance in the NH debates last night. Fox news did a wonderful job and the format for all candidates alike was wonderful. Mitt Romney showed a strong performance being very poised and presidential. He shows a deep and fundamental understanding of taxes, the economy, health care and immigration. He clearly and significantly demonstrated and explained what issues set him apart from the other running candidates. As each candidate had the opportunity in giving their last closing remarks Mitt Romney stood above the rest of the crowd in a moving motivational and patriotic moment. Giuliani’s closing remarks seemed dry and empty. Thompson’s closing comments seemed to loose thought. Huckabee followed with an ok response that lacked authentic credibility. Mitt Romney commanded such “ahhh that’s more like it” with his remarks that McCain who soon followed seemed a little overshadowed, stumbled in his first few sentences and ended up echoing much of what Romney had just said.

I wondered what other viewers,especial those from New Hampshire, thought of the debate. The post debate review was overwhelmingly positive for Mitt Romney.

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