Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jeff Fuller's Prediction:

Jeff Fuller is a blogger for Iowans for Romney, My Man Mitt, and ComMITTed to Romney. He wrote this spectacular post that is finding its way to a lot of blogs. I didn't want my blog to be without it, so here it is. Just click on the names to read what they have to say about Huckabee.

"Huckabee and his supporters always seem to point out that Romney's attacking him. The already nascent Huck-a-bust will undoubtedly be blamed on Romney by Huck and his supporters. However . . . I don't think that Romney had anything to do with the fact that essentially every conservative with a microphone or blog has been railing against Huckabee for the last few weeks. Need some evidence?:
Rush Limbaugh
Bob Novak
Condileeza Rice
Peggy Noonan
Charles Kruthammer
Michelle Malkin
Fred Barnes
George Will-- ( these comments too on a TV news show)
Laura Ingraham
David Limbaugh
Kim Strassell
Pat Buchanan
Sean Hannity (kind of . . . not frontal attacks, but plenty of comments expressing concern with him as the potential GOP nominee)
Michael Reagan
Glenn Beck (semi "reconciliation" ---- but then he's still not too impressed)
Matt Drudge (it's obvious that he has a bone to pick with Huckabee given his coverage of late)Jim Geraghty
Tony Blankley
Ann Coulter
Rich Lowry
Dean Barnett
Mark Hemningway
Austin Hill
Tom Bevan
Kathryn Jean Lopez
John Hinderaker
Hugh Hewitt
Frank Gaffney
Peter Wehner
Paul Mirengoff ( here and here too)
The Editors of National Review (Oh yeah, this one too)

"Conclusion: Huckabee's not a full-spectrum conservative and the GOP would be unwise to give him the nomination. Romney has had to point out the un-conservative spots in Huck's record because the MSM/DNC axis sure hasn't been (they want him as the GOP nominee) and because McCain and Rudy want Huck to win Iowa to stifle Romney's path to the nomination. However, Romney is hardly alone in pointing out Huckabee's worrisome record."

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