Sunday, December 16, 2007

"I Love it When He Tries to Part the Crowd"

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David said...

Huck’s the biggest hypocrite of all of them. How does an ordained minister have such giant moral (labeled "ethical" in government) lapses? He doesn't believe a word he ever preached. If he did, he would have not been so dishonest/unethical/immoral (circle one) about the gifts and under the table tobacco money. Then lying about a degree in theology. How does an ordained Christian mininster lie about THAT of all things? (Lie about your taxes or something, but not having a theology degree for crying out loud!!) The Huckster has demonstrated that he has no moral compass--which he above all as a self-proclaimed "Christian Leader" should have. Huckster is a CINO—Christian In Name Only. If the hardcore evangelicals somehow succeed in getting the Huckster elected, they will deserve all the embarrassment they get. Slick Mike is the Republican equivalent of Slick Willie. There's something in that water in Hope, Ark. I for one don't want to drink his flavor of "Jesus Juice" again. Spare us another ex-governor from Hopeless, Arkansas.