Monday, December 3, 2007

Huckabee's Surge is "From God"

.........of the underworld that is. I jest, but I was put off by this arrogant assumption.
Wasn’t Huck the one to say “Jesus Christ was too smart to be a politician”…..Well, I want to expound on that—Jesus Christ is too smart to endorse a politician!

Huckabee is clearly playing the Mormon card that somehow his religion makes him more qualified for POTUS.

"Huckabee combines pure moralism with incoherent populism: He wants Washington to impose a nationwide ban on smoking in public, show more solicitude for Americans of modest means, and impose more protectionism, thereby raising the cost of living for Americans of modest means.

Although Huckabee is considered affable, two subliminal but clear enough premises of his Iowa attack on Mitt Romney are unpleasant: The almost 6 million American Mormons who consider themselves Christians are mistaken about that. And — 55 million non-Christian Americans should take note — America must have a Christian president.

If Huckabee succeeds in derailing Romney's campaign by raising a religious test for presidential eligibility, that will be clarifying: In one particular, America was more enlightened a century ago
."--George F. Will

Is Huckabee using Mitt's religion to his advantage? It wouldn't be a first:

"First of all, I think it's worth remembering that just a few months back, a Huckabee supporter in Iowa went after Senator Brownback for being a Roman Catholic -- and Governor Huckabee refused to apologize for it.

Secondly, I think the message from Governor Huckabee's ad is pretty clear. He's telling evangelicals in Iowa, 'I'm one of you.' That's why -- as Barnes points out -- the 'conservative leader' stuff isn't mentioned until the very end. Leave aside the fact that it's not true -- true or false, it's just not the point of the ad."--Charles Mitchell (click here to read his entire post)

By saying "I'm one of you", he's really saying Mitt's not one of you because he's Mormon.

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