Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Huckabee Would Have Quarantined Ryan White

I just read an article that Ryan White's mother is fuming over Huckabee's past stance on isolating AIDS victims in 1992. (Read the article here).

This gets interesting........Ryan White died in 1990, yet Huckabee was ignorant enought to assume that we'd get HIV through casual contact.

I was 12 years old when Ryan White died--even I knew then that we could be among HIV carriers.

I distinctly remember an Oprah Winfrey show that Ryan White was a guest on. An audience member asked if she could get HIV from tear drops. Ryan said that you could essentially swim in an ocean of tear drops and not get the virus. I wasn't even twelve at the time, and I knew something a grown man running for office didn't.

Huckabee astounds me.


Pickle Lajoie said...

just a qustion, but why is the hate for Huckabee so great on this blog? i am not a supporter of him by anymeans, nor am I as supporter of Romney.


James said...

You're right, I'm not sheddin' a lot of love Huckabee's way.

Here's the thing. Check the post about the negative adds going Mitt's way. Huckabee has only gotten 2% of the negative attention in this race. I feel like I'm policing the net a little.

Huckabee is surging pretty close to election time and if this stuff doesn't get out now, we Republcinas will face the consequances when the Dems destroy us in the general elections.

James said...

Uhh.....corrections: Republicans and Consequences.