Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Apology to Huckabee Fans

I've posted a lot of negative stuff on Huckabee lately. No one likes to hear so much negativity.

I don't think, however, that people want to be in happy ignorance and regret it later during the general elections.

I might support Huckabee if he wins the nomination, I'll need a couple of months to get over my disappointment, but my main concern is for the Republican party.

Who has the best chance to beat Hillary or Obama? For the casual American, there's no difference between the parties, all politicians are corrupt, and it's a lose-lose situation no matter who's in office. For the Republican idealist, like myself, this election means a lot more to me.

I worry for our nation under a Democrat presidency. The average American is contributing 40% of their income to our government, religious freedom is being challenged, many deny the threat of terrorism, poor people are given incentives to remain poor, un-wed mothers are given incentives to have more children, our moral culture is being denigrated at every turn, we're on the verge of having a government takeover on healthcare, and millions of illegal immigrants keep pouring in. Having a Democrat as president, I believe, will amplify these issues that I stongly want to fight against.

This is why I think it is important not to look through rose-colored glasses when we evaluate someone like Huckabee. Despite being a social conservative, the man is a Liberal. There is a reason the msm is soft on him--they see a victory in sight. Mitt Romney once said if we have two candidates running like Democrats, the real Democrat is going to win--and that, my friends, is why Huckabee is going to lose.

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