Monday, November 26, 2007

Mitt Romney....Such Thing as TOO Perfect????

Does perfection have its price for Romney?
By Faye Fiore, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 24, 2007

Here's some small excerpts I enjoyed (click title to read entire article):

"If he (Romney) has a vice, it's chocolate malts."
"......the greatest parental challenge was making the boys practice their piano."

"At his trademark 'Ask Mitt Anything' sessions -- Romney has held hundreds of them since announcing his candidacy in January -- he invites voters to fire away with even 'the most embarrassing and awkward questions.' Translation: No skeletons in the Romney closet."

"I think they know a real Boy Scout image is potentially damaging because it could be caricatured," said Andrew E. Smith, a pollster at the University of New Hampshire. "Average people need to relate to him better . . . to be able to say, 'Oh, I've been there too.' "

"Still, Romney seems to have learned that a well-placed flaw or two can be an advantage, putting his campaign team in the unique position of pointing out his shortcomings while his rivals struggle to make voters forget theirs."
P.S. It's ridiculous that the Boy Scout image could be damaging....give me a break. Is that what our country is coming to? God help us if that is the case.

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