Monday, October 29, 2007

Romney Agenda: The Four Walls of the Florida Home

"Governor Romney's Conservative Plan To Strengthen And Empower Florida Families: (Click to read Governor Romney's press release). Today, In Florida, Governor Mitt Romney Discussed His Conservative Plan To Strengthen Families In Florida. There is much our nation can do to strengthen families because our future is determined not just by heads of state but also by heads of households. As President, Governor Romney will ensure that Washington stands alongside parents who are building stronger families."

"- Governor Romney Believes Our Nation And Florida Are Stronger When We Have Stronger Families. The source of most of society's social problems can be traced to a breakdown of the family. Florida is wealthier, healthier and stronger when it has strong families. "

WALL #1: Championing Marriage:
WALL #2: Protecting Our Children:
WALL #3: Strengthening And Empowering Families:
WALL #4: Promoting A Culture Of Life:

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