Monday, October 22, 2007

Mitt Romney is Michigan's Man

Mitt Romney is Michigan's candidate. Romney grew up in Michigan and cares deeply about this state. He is the former governor of Massachusetts, where he balanced the budget every year, revitalized the economy, cut unemployment and created 60,000 jobs - all things that we desperately need help with in Michigan. Romney provides students with the best chance of finding employment after graduation - especially in Michigan. Reinvesting in the auto industry as well as attracting new types of technology and new businesses will help revitalize the economy here. Using these tactics more broadly will prevent a similar problem from developing throughout the country.

We need a president who can identify the positives while facing harsh realities. The president should be someone who will bring hope, a positive outlook and innovation to every circumstance and situation. Romney has a proven record of doing just that."

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Romney isn't just Michigan's man though........he's Everyone's Man!

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