Monday, October 29, 2007

Governor Romney Visits Fort Myers

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“I was terribly impressed with him,” Ann Lord of Fort Myers said afterward.
Mitt Romney’s faith — he is a Mormon — was not discussed in the forum.

“I don’t think religion is a problem at all,” Lord said. “Growing up, my best friend was a Mormon and I never thought of her as being different than anybody else.”

Romney said he supports nuclear power. He wants to wipe out the death tax and keep recent tax cuts.

The audience asked no questions about immigration, although it was the first topic he raised in a post-event news conference.Romney favors identification cards to ensure immigrants are legal and sanctions if businesses hire illegal immigrants.“I want more legal immigration in our country’s future,” Romney said. “But I do not want more illegal immigration.”

Mitzy Francis of Naples was undecided when she entered the room, but left the event supporting Romney.“He’s everything I think I want,” Francis said. “He supports all my values, he has conservative core values.”

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