Monday, August 6, 2007

Obama is Incompetent

He doesn't understand that soldiers are real people.
He doesn't understand the difference between friend and foe.
He's clumsy discussing nuclear warfare.
He doesn't understand geography.

Our military is having success in Iraq......what does Obama want to do? Take them out of, not home necessarily, but to Pakistan, a nation of 170 million muslims who would make Iraq look like a walk in the park. Obama would successfully crush the morale of our armed forces more than the Dems already have.

Pakistan is working with us. Instead of threatening our allies, why can't he promise support? I appreciate Mitt Romney's comments stating that Obama wants to have tea with our enemies and blow up our friends, going from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week.

When asked about using nucs....Obama was absolutely clumsy in stating his was like he never even thought about it before (see "Obama the Orator" below). How can anybody want this guy as CIC? Honestly?

Does Obama have a clue about the importance of Pakistan? How does he think we get supplies to our armed forces in Afghanistan? Through Iran......a teleporter perhaps......FedEx?

Madame Hillary has never looked so good.

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