Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm Just James

It’s funny……….

I would never have thought, not in a million years, that I could have a role in any upcoming election. After all, it’s just me……..never considered myself to be overly talented, smart, skilled, or computer-savvy, but here I am posting, almost daily, on behalf of a man I believe will lead our country to higher and better places.

Believe me when I say that it doesn’t take much to make a difference. I’m a husband/father attending dental school……it’s impossible for me to spend a lot of time supporting Mitt Romney, but I’m still able to make an impact (even when it feels like that impact is small).

The internet is amazing…….your voice will be heard if you use it. Sometimes all it takes is voting in a poll, leaving a comment, or even creating your own posts. It’s possible that only a couple of people will read what you have to say, but it’s also possible that hundreds, if not thousands, will…….it’s worth it even if you enlightened only one person’s ignorance. You made a difference—now that doesn’t mean your readers will agree with you, it just means that they heard your side.

I’m convinced that the more people hear our thoughts on Mitt Romney and the future of America, the amount of Romney-supporters will inevitably rise. So if you believe, like I do, that Mitt is the best candidate for our country………it’s time to be heard.

P.S. Blogging, You-tubing, and Forum-posting has become ridiculously easy—so don’t ever feel inadequate…….you’ll find that most things can be learned in minutes.

Oh, have you bought a bumper sticker yet?????????? (See “Mitt Merchandise” on the right column)


Phil Kenny said...
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Rhoda said...

Well written article.