Thursday, July 26, 2007

Romney Will Bring Change to Washington

Announcing his support for Governor Romney, Congressman Smith said, "Governor Romney is the only candidate in this race who has the ability to take Washington apart and put it back together, so that it works better for the American people. I am happy to endorse his candidacy for President. He understands the importance of getting America back to conservative principles and common sense leadership. Governor Romney is the right choice for Americans who want to see change in Washington."

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John Cronin said...

I like Mitt Romney's number crunching approach to governance. If it doesn't make sense in the private sector, it probably doesn't make sense in the public sector either.

I am referring to enormous budget deficits, transfer payments from producers to non-producers, over staffing, uncontrolled costs, etc.

I believe that MR can use the same skills that brought him and his company such success, to help move the federal government back to a common sense approach to taxation and spending.