Friday, July 20, 2007

Mitt Romney......Fighter for Family Values

You know, after watching "Ocean" (See below: Let's Clean up Our Waters), I was impressed that Mitt was taking a stand against the moral decline of our nation. In the ad, he didn't express exactly how he was going to make that stand--but lately, he's given us a pretty good idea.

Mitt Romney boldly takes on Obama's stance on sex ed taught in kindergarten.

Ann Romney focuses on family values on her trip to So. Carolina.

Here's what Mitt had to say to sex offenders: "One Strike, You're Ours"

Finally, Mitt Romney gets specific on how he wants to clean up our waters.

One thing is clear, Mitt isn't going to shy away from controversial moral issues (it's so sad when being moral is a risky move). I'm pretty sure we can expect more of this from our next president.......... It's nice, because no one can accuse him of hypocrisy........just look at his family--he's the real deal!

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John Cronin said...

Mitt Romney is pressing all the right buttons, IMHO.

His reaction to Barack Obama's wrong headed idea for sex education for five year olds is just common sense. I personally don't know a single person who thinks we desperately need yet another federal program to do what is rightly the responsibility of parents.

I also agree with Gov. Romney that the recent Democratic debate hosted by CNN/YouTube that featured an animated snowman posing a question to the candidates, diminished the dignity of the office being sought.

Here's the quote: "I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman."

I love YouTube and think it's one of the coolest sites on the 'net, but I think we also have to keep in mind that the winner of this election will command the most powerful military on earth, lead a country of 300 million and propose policies that will affect a $14 trillion economy. The burdens of the office and it's attendant responsibilities are too grave for it's candidates to have to respond to questions from snowmen.

~~John Cronin~~