Friday, May 11, 2007

Sharpton.....Making Things Right?

Some tidbits about the Sharpton/Romney controversy:
Sharpton apologizes and is flying out to SLC to make amends. This is the right move for Sharpton, and he has gained some admiration from me. I imagine there will be good dialogue between him and the Mormon church leaders in Utah. Sharpton seems sincere in his apology. He still isn't afraid to take cheap shots at Romney though.......he's still a Democrat after all.

Sharpton does have issues with the Mormons' controversial history with African Americans. Blacks weren't able to hold the priesthood in the church's past.

It wouldn't be prudent to label Mormons as racists however.......the priesthood issue was in the past and let's face it--much of America's history is laced with unfortunate events regarding African Americans.

Interesting points were brought up about the Mormons' history with African Americans......Mormons were Abolitionists! To a large degree, that is why the Mormons had to abandone their homes to settle in the western deserts--it was actually legal to kill Mormons in Missouri!

One thing is for has been made abundantly clear this week that there are a lot of questions people have on Romney's faith. It seems that Romney will have to, whether he likes it or not, give his own rendition of JFK's famous speech to quench American fears of religious influence in the Oval Office. I'm looking forward to it of course......if anyone can pull of an impressive campaign-altering speech, it would be Mitt Romney.

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