Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Florida Primary Has Moved Up!

That's right! In case you haven't heard, the Florida primary will be held the 29th of January; we Floridians are huge players in getting Romney elected! This puts our state's contest behind only the Iowa and Nevada Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary and places our primary the same day as South Carolina's Democratic primary.

Governor Romney is planning on spending a lot of time in Florida........let's show him our support! Remember he's coming to Polk County the 24th of May (see calendar below).

Governor Crist has not endorsed any candidate yet. I wonder if we can help nudge him along the right path? You can contact him here.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the new blog, James. Keep up the good work.
- Elliott Jolley

tagteamo3 said...

I'm all for Mitt in '08. He's sure up against a lot of walls but I'm sure he can overcome them. I was surprised this morning when I heard the Reverend Al Sharpton's comments regarding Mitt Romney (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUMQw-hVlc0) A "temporary thing"? A comment like that shows the true colors of the leftist mindset.